The Emotional & Mental Destruction Of A Prison Sentence

Prison is exactly as you would imagine it… and nothing like you could ever believe at the same time. People always ask ‘is it like Orange is the New Black? Is that stuff REAL?’ and I just have to laugh that the perception of the average American is so heavily rooted in our pop-culture that relating to this reference is the easiest way to communicate the truths of what being locked up is really like. On it’s most basic level much of what you see about prison on TV is accurate: the food is awful, you get very limited contact with loved ones and there is violence. Yes, you can get booze and tattoos and sure even a cell phone or two slips in, but the real hot-ticket marketable items (because the aforementioned are simply much too expensive and/or people really don’t want the trouble) are things that make you feel like a normal person; things like nail polish or

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The US Prison System: The perpetual incarceration machine

The concept of ‘mass incarceration’ is as misunderstood and as systematically avoided as one might expect. No one wants to talk about prison or what happens behind the wall unless it’s part of a Hollywood movie. Even fewer want to discuss what happens after prison since it’s difficult for people to look beyond their gut reaction to where they might be able to see the forest for the trees. There are many people out there who believe that because of the choices those of us who committed crimes made; we now deserve whatever we get. And while I understand that viewpoint; I do not agree with it.

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The Prison Advocate was founded by former Manhattan Madam, Kristin Davis, to combat the injustices that occur behind bars. If you or someone you know has experienced abuse in prison, we want to hear from you.

We are also a consulting firm designed to help you safely navigate the judicial and prison system and can potentially help you reduce your prison term.


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